Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scooter Practicality

Sure it gets 80 miles to the gallon and is just plain fun to drive, but "is a scooter practical" the grown up inside you asks. If the ability to haul home "stuff" is included in the list of what makes your transportation practical, then worry not--a scooter will do.

Among the things my husband and I have carried by scoot: the weekly groceries (each driving our own scoot), gold fish (not recommended), luggage and camping gear for a weekend rally, all the essentials for a day at work including a full change of business clothes and, most recently, two sad shrubs.

What do you need to get the job done?

Many modern scoots include ample under seat storage--great for holding your helmet while you're in the store and hauling your stuff on the ride home. My little 50 cc Vino is great for trips to the library. Oversize books, DVDs and paperbacks all find a home under the seat.

Have a vintage bike, Stella or Bajaj with a pesky engine under the seat? No worries. Just pack your trusty bungee cords. They're great for strapping things to whatever part of the bike is handy.

If you've got a glove box, fill it up! I once made a lunch run to Campero Chicken and safely brought back my meal, including a fountain soda, in the glove box.

If you've got a front or rear luggage rack, add a cargo net to your bungee collection and you're pretty much set for life. You name it and you can quickly strap it on--just be careful not to get too carried away and overload things.

The much maligned purse hook also really comes in handy for holding your purse (duh) and any other bag, paper or plastic, with a handle.

And when all else fails, there's always your trusty back pack! That's scooter practicality.

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