Sunday, October 21, 2007

Exploring on two wheels

Today Ryan and I explored Baltimore on two wheels--but we left the two-stroke exhaust fumes at home. We joined hundreds of other cyclists and walkers in the 14th annual Tour du Port. The event takes you on a great tour of Baltimore's waterfront and surrounding neighborhoods while raising awareness of the benefits of bicycling, walking and mass transit in our communities.

While Ryan was ready for the 22-mile loop, I've only recently returned to the bicycle scene. In rides around our own neighborhood in recent weeks, I'd made it to six miles in one shot, so the 10-mile loop was more my speed. He was a good sport and took the shorter route with me.

The ride started over near Fell's Point and traveled around the harbor to the top of Federal Hill--a lovely spot for taking in a view of the Harbor.

From there, we traveled out to Fort McHenry (birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner) and hit the six mile point as we circled the fort along the water's edge.

The trip back to our starting point included a drive by of the American Visionary Art Museum. Not wanting to cause a traffic jam of cyclists, I didn't pause to snap a pic. But, if the inside of the museum is anywhere near as spectacular as the outside, I'll definitely be stopping by soon!

The return trip took us past the Maryland Science Center, Harbor Place and the National Aquarium en route to our final destination. Before reaching the end, we stopped for a closer look at the Seven Foot Knoll Light (I'm a sucker for lighthouses).

At ride's end, Ryan's odometer topped 12 miles, but mine read a little under--good to know that my scooter isn't the only thing with wonky technology! Anyway, it turned out to be a lovely day for a ride and I'm happy to say I successfully reached the end.

Ryan's already talking about taking on the 22-mile loop next year--we shall see!

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