Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Cleaning up a mess is never as fun as making one, but sometimes it just needs to be done. I spent some time over the past week putting things in order and thought I'd take a moment to share the progress and offer a look into the Polly Scoots workroom.

My two main work surfaces are a super-fun peanut shaped red table and a super-functional unconventional workbench. The peanut table came from Ikea; the unconventional workbench was pieced together from pieces found at Community Forklift, a great surplus, salvaged and green building material supply center.

The top of my bench is a solid wood door (which just happened to exactly match the closet doors in my house). One "leg" was the base of a kitchen cabinet; the other was intended as a hanging unit. Together they make my workbench the perfect height--comfortable to stand at while working.

My fall cleaning binge inspired me to create a "shipping center" on one corner of the table devoted to envelopes, bubble wrap, boxes and my trusty scale. I also restocked my "customer appreciation supplies"--thank you cards, coupons and fun freebies to include with every order. Let your holiday shopping begin!

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