Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's that?

There's nothing better than heading out to a classic motorcycle show on a drizzly Sunday and coming across a bike that makes you stop and ask, "what's that?"
That's what happened this weekend as Ryan and I were strolling the aisles of the 7th Annual British & European Classic Motorcycle Day. While there were plenty of motorcycles that made me drool, there was just one scooter that made us both stop and stare. And had me hitting the Internet when I got home to find out more--the Triumph Tina.

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Triryder said...

This example is a very, very rare scooter, indeed. It is a 1962 Triumph Tina LS/S. There are 15 known to exist worldwide, and 7 known to be running and roadworthy. For more information, there is a fantastic yahoo group, just type in Triumph Tina scooter in the group search. It has a wealth of info on these and its big brother the T-10. I amazingly took first place that day in the singles class against some beautiful bikes. They had no idea how to judge it and, had no scooter class...Thanks for the wonderful comments. Keep on scootin'....Jim

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