Friday, January 1, 2010

365 Days of Scooters: Day One

With a grand total of 32 posts in each of the last two years (how weird is that number-wise?), it may be a bit ambitious to embark on this, the first day of 2010, on a new a rather grandiose blog ambition, but here goes. I'm setting out to document 365 days of scooters.

I won't try to show 365 different models of scooters, but I will seek to show 365 different scooters or related paraphernalia. And, because I have a lot of scooter swag in addition to a lot of scooter pictures, that includes photos of scooter swag as well--just FYI.

Without further ado...

365 Days of Scooters: Day One

My inaugural scoot is one near and dear to my heart: a 2003 Yamaha Vino and my very first scooter.

This little scoot is a workhorse. At just 50cc, it may not be the fastest pony in the stable, but is certainly the most reliable (knock on wood). At six and a half years old and with just over 6,000 miles on the odometer, this is the scooter I rely on to get me somewhere if I have to get there on a scooter. Why? Because it runs! No matter how little maintenance it has received or how long it has been since I last rode it, it just keeps going. Rain, sleet or snow (and we've ridden together in each), this Yamaha Vino will get you there.

Need to get to Baltimore to ride with your scooter club in the Christmas Parade? Now room in the trailer? No problem! And wonder of wonder, it will even run when you get there.

Yup, day one just had to go to my trusty Yamaha Vino. Vroom, Vroom!

And Happy New Year!

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