Thursday, December 20, 2007

What is hairspray doing in your toolbox?

One of the first things I changed on my Stella was the grips. The stock ones were hard as a brick and boringly plain. In the usual web search for tips on making the switch, I came across multiple recommendations for aerosol hairspray as a good lubricant and glue for putting and keeping the new grips on. All the web posts were right and some hairspray did the trick.

Two plus years, and one sorry trailer ride later, my throttle side grip had come completely off. I slide it back on and rode around for several months with it slipping and sliding around--always smart. And of course, at every stop light I was giving it a whack to slip it back in place.

Finally, last weekend I stopped being lazy and searched the hall closet to see if my trusty can of aerosol hairspray was still around. Since I don't remember the last time I used hairspray on my hair, I was pleasantly surprise to find a can. Off I went to deliver some long overdue TLC to the Stella.

Unlike that first time around, but not surprisingly, the old grip slide right off. I peeled off some of the goopy stuff left over from the original job, sprayed the handlebar end and inside of the grip with hairspray and ta da--back in business.

Think it's about time for the hairspray to live outside with the other scooter tools.

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