Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The journey to ID7

So as fate would have it, this rally season I've only been able to take part in one day of each of the three rallies I've made it to--each has been a feast for the eye so I won't complain too much!

On Saturday hubby Ryan and I made it to our second Philadelphia Independence Day rally. Since I needed to be in Brooklyn Friday night and we didn't want to board the dogs, we decided to test out our new scooter hauling vehicle and, heaven help us, rent a U-Haul trailer. It was a harrowing experience.

The ride up Thursday night should have taken four hours (keeping to back roads so as not to exceed the trailer's speed limit)--it took six. The trailer had a grand total of four tie-down spots--each poorly placed--and was rated to carry a much heavier cargo than our two scoots. Long story short, it poured down rain for half the trip, the tail end of Ryan's scooter kept kissing mine, my handlebars/wheel kept slipping and my throttle side grip worked its way completely off twice.

Just FYI, it's not good when your scooters look like this in the trailer (left) or when your grip does this (right):

Ryan was a trooper and did all the driving on the way up. Aside from some realatively minor scratches on my bike, we made it there in one piece. He got everything ship shape on the scoots Friday while I made the drive into the big Apple.

For the return trip, we invested in two sets of Canyon Dancers and a couple of cheap pillows--much better!

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