Monday, July 30, 2007

An awesome night out

Saw an awesome show Friday night. My current favorite band, The Cat Empire, played at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. Their 2006 album, Two Shoes, is what I put in when I need to get my some serious Polly Scoots work done. After I'm done dancing around the living room to Sly, I have the energy/motivation to create along to the rhythm of their ska, jazz, Latin, reggae beat.

The six band members, with an occasional second trumpeter, seemed to really be enjoying themselves on stage. Each song included lengthy jams and solos, with different members taking the lead as the night progressed. I played trumpet as a kid and was blown away by both horn blowers' abilities. At one point, the two trumpeters played a bit of a duel with DJ Jumps egging on the new guy.

I was well-pleased at the end of the two-hour show and, of course, it left hungry for more. Thankfully, the band just finished recording a new album, so relief is in sight.

I'll definitely pick up tickets when this band makes its next trip from Melbourne to a stage near me.

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