Monday, July 9, 2007

Fun with color

Handcoloring black and white photographs is one of those things I've just wanted to know how to do. I signed up for a class a year or two ago, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment. Last fall, I cashed in a birthday gift certificate for a how-to book and the necessary supplies.

Then I broke out the old SLR (and some actual film) and got busy taking some new black and white photos. After getting the enlargements made, I had fun "coloring" my world. I experimented with pastels first, but found I really prefer using photo oils. The resources were right (duh) and coloring photographs is as much about taking away color as it is applying it. It's also about highlighting the details captured in the original photograph.

The photos that fit the theme of Polly Scoots will make their way to the website--two have already found their way there. The others will grace my walls for the time being.

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