Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random Wednesdays

Sometimes it's fun to make something pretty to eat on a random Wednesday night. Last night I took a page out of Ryan's book and skewered and grilled some meat. Since we've finally (and unexpectedly) reached the end of our bag of 100 skewers, things were a little crowded, but still tasted yummy. This turned out to be a rather messy meal to eat as the goal was to make roll ups using the lettuce with all the fun things rolled inside, but it started out kind of pretty.

I cubed the thin cut pork tenderloins and marinated them in some low sodium teriyaki sauce for about an hour and a half. Then skewered and grilled the meat at about 500 degrees for a few minutes on each side. After the last flip, I poured some more teriyaki sauce on for the final few minutes of grilling.

I cheated on the noodles and used a packaged noodle bowl from Simply Asia (just two minutes in the microwave). One serving was plenty for both of us. Sliced cucumbers and carrots finished things off. Next time, I need to find a lettuce that's a little less rigid through the middle--it will make the rolling much easier!

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