Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The importance of rain gear

So I got soaked on my ride home from work yesterday. I had traveled about a mile when it started getting really windy and pretty dark. As I sat at a traffic light I could see lightening flashing up ahead.

Internal monologue:

"Maybe I'll beat it home."
"It can't rain the whole way."
"It will just be a quick shower."

Of course, I hadn't pack my rain gear--it's summer after all and the weathermen say there's a chance of storms every day. And my rain gear is bulky.
Little drops of rain soon became a deluge.

"Maybe I should pull over."

Amazingly, I was traveling through a stretch of suburbia with no commerce in sight. I moved from the middle of three lanes to the right and just kept going. By the time I reached a service station, I was already soaked through so I just kept going. Since it was coming down so fast, water was just pooling on the roadway. I stayed to the left of my lane to avoid the river along the side of the road which put in a prime position for catching the sheets of road spray from cars passing in the neighboring lane.

I took it slow and stuck it out. By the time I pulled into the driveway some 12 miles later the rain had turned to a fitful drizzle. I scooted into the shed, untied my bag and squished my way to the back door. Fortunately, my gear fared better than me. My trusty Timbuk2 messenger bag kept all the essentials dry. The purse I had slung across me for the ride did surprising well and most of its contents were also safe.

The dogs must have thought I was nuts as I scurried to the bathroom to avoid dripping all through the house. I left everything to drip dry and went in search of some dry clothes.
At least I don't need to wash the scoot this weekend!

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