Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My first show

It was great fun to take part in the Charm City Craft Mafia's "Pile of Craft" last Saturday! The group did a phenomenal job of pre-show publicity, which meant a ton of people came through.

Huge thanks to my husband and dogs for putting up with me and all the last minute prep before the show--although I don't think that one of our dogs, Lady, minded so much that I set my table up in the middle of the living room to practice laying everything out. I kept finding her under the table!

Ryan also scooted up to Baltimore mid-day to give me a much needed break and the opportunity to spend some money with the other vendors. My folks were also kind enough to come down and spend a few hours at the show, help me break things down and lend me the table everything was sitting on.

Anyway, the church where the event was held was really cool architecturally--here's the view from my booth.

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